Carbonation Column– In- line Carbonation.

Carbonation columns custom made to the specific needs of each customer. The optimized gas dissolution system ensures a rigorous, high quality and efficient carbonation of wine & beverages: — Fabricated in Stainless Steel — Automatic operation — Cleaning program — Deoxigenation through the carbonation process — Easy to operate — 3 bar Carbonation. Other pressures by request The fabrication quality and easiness of operation allied to the carbonation efficiency, make the Carbonation column an indispensable equipment for all the customers that wish to produce carbonated wine & beverages.

TRATICARB - Membrane Carbonation/Desoxigenation.

Hydrophobic membrane system that simultaneously allows the carbonation and deoxygenation of wine and beverages. The membrane use has virtually an 100% CO 2 dissolution without causing foam in the filling line and at higher temperatures than the common systems. Allows inline carbonation or closed tank carbonation. The operation mode also allows for simple deoxygenation of wine and beverages without carbonation. When operated together with other processes the equipment allows dealcolization trough osmotic distillation.

TRATIPOR CARBOTUBE – Tank Carbonation.

Tank carbonation with high dissolution efficiency. The extremely fine bubble injection in wine & beverages ensures an efficient and high quality carbonation when in comparison with common carbonation systems for closed tank. Extremelly easy to use and economical to operate, TRATIPOR CARBOTUBE is the best solution for customers that wish a fine bubble and quality carbonation in closed tank.