TRATIFLOT was designed to ensure a optimal mixture between must, inert gas and gelatin after grape pressing. The process results in excellent clarification with the ability to adjust the must turbidity by changing the operation parameters: — Integrated dosing pump — Easy cleaning — System with mixture injection designed for optimal mixture of gas and gelatin — Must clarification in an inert environment — Oxidation reduction of must in clarification process vs Cold settling process — Lees reduction vs Lees in cold settling process TRATIFLOT units are design for single tank flotation an to work in a semi-automatic way.

Fermentation Control FERMCONTROL.

The fermentation control process consists in the circulation of cold water, at a determined temperature, through cooling rings, endogenous heat exchangers or external heat exchangers. With a MULTITUBULAR heat exchanger it’s possible to do a thermal shock. Trativi has two ways for the automatic control of the fermentation temperature: — Thermostat control board: Allows to set the fermentation temperatures in-situ with a temperature differential of 0,1º C (32ºF). — FERMCONTROL system: Remote control of all the parameters involved in the process: Fermentation temperatures, fermentation pressures (for Charmat Method in sparklings), pump management, baffle deposit temperature control, etc. This control system also allows the pump over control and transfer pump remote control. Alarms of all kinds are sent if needed during all processes. Trativi design, fabricates and installs the equipment for an effective control of all fermentation processes and pump overs according to the specific needs of each winery.

Remote control pump.

Trativi supplies and prepares remote controlled pumps with many advantages for the winery operations: — Rigorous control of the tank level filling and pump overs only with one worker. — Labor cost reduction. — Reduction of tank filling and pump over related accidents. — Reduction of excess tank filling episodes.

Batch flowmeter.

Trativi supplies and prepares batch flowmeters with many advantages for the winery operations: — Rigorous control of blend volumes. — Automatic pump stoppage after the programed batch liter is reached. — Rigorous control of all liquid process flows in the winery: Filtration, filling line, etc.